Merchant Cash Advance

A Merchant Cash Advance is not a loan, but rather is an advance on your future sales. Revenue and consistency are key in obtaining an MCA. Credit is not looked at as closely as for a term loan, and it is a great option if you need quick capital for your company.

What do I need to qualify for an MCA?

Get Funded in 24 hours!

We have fast approvals so your business can make important decisions without capital restraints.

Be a majority owner in a company that has been generating revenue for at least six months.

Have consistent bank deposits throughout the month

Have a FICO Score over 500

Have not previously defaulted on a Merchant Cash Advance

Maintain clean bank statements with little to no overdrafts or bounced and returned items

We are here to answer your questions

Sign up for a consultation to talk through your funding options. Our account managers are skilled in helping business owners navigate the many options available on today's marketplace.

Ok, I qualify now what?

The Merchant Cash Advance Program is a simple and streamlined way to access quick capital

The merchant Cash advance funding process is simple. To apply for an MCA fill out our quick 10-minute application and submit three months' business bank statements. Our underwriting team reviews your revenue and comes up with a prediction of what your future sales will be. That amount, combined with other metrics like cash flow, and credit score are taken into an account, and an offer is made. Once you agree to the terms and link your bank account, funds are deposited within 24-48 hours. Repayment is automatically taken from your linked account, leaving you time to focus on your business.

Merchant Cash Advance

Access quick cash infusions for your business based on your future sales projections

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